Sunday, October 24, 2010

Focus on ME!!

Hello my lovelies - yes I am back and happy to be. As you may remember from the post at the beginning of October I decided that my October challenge was going to be to "Focus" on others in my life. Well I was successful up until October 11th and then I sort of fell in a bit of a heap. The last two weeks or so have not been lots of fun. Last Thursday it was the 3rd anniversary of my Mum passing away and the first year that I haven't had my attention focused on Dad. So I guess I had all the time in the world to just indulge myself in my grief. The best way that I could think of helping myself cope with my sad feelings was to indulge myself totally. I did have a very enlightening but draining night at "Women's Group" last Thursday. I let a lot of feelings flow and felt like I was able to release some of the pain I felt. So I guess I am now back, in full swing, until next time I fall in that hole.
This weekend I have been away at the annual "Rawson Scrapbooking Retreat". It is run by some
Creative Memories" consultants. From 4.00pm Friday night until 4.00pm Sunday night we spend wonderful time scrapbooking, eating, drinking and talking, not necessarily in that order. The location of the retreat is in the tiny (and I mean tiny) village of Rawson which is about 170kms from Melbourne in the beautiful Gippsland hinterlands. It is such a quiet, pretty place to spend a weekend with friends doing what you love.


  1. Welcome back Davine, just yesterday I was going to send you an email to see how you were doing. I get concerned when I don't hear from those I feel a connection with here. I'm glad your back and here's something for you to take a look at if you'd like regarding the grief cycle. I studied this last year in psychology and found it rather interesting, it's helped me to come to terms with the loss of my mother.

    This link is for the Kubler-Ross grieving cycle, it holds some interesting and to me valuable information on this topic. You might have already heard of this or read up on it but if you haven't I'm going to suggest that you take a look, if you'd like to that is.

    Have a fantastic day/night. I always get confused as to what time of day or what day it is where you are in contrast to where I am. I think that you're something like 22 hours ahead of us for some reason.

  2. Having missed my mom since 1968 and my dad since 1998, I know your pain!! Grief is such a strange thing. Usually a week before the anniveries of their deaths, I start feeling sad and then it hits me why I am feeling this way. You did just what you should have done for you!!

  3. Welcome back Davine. I'm sorry October has been such a tough month for you. I'm always surprised how the passing of my father, 17 years ago, still creeps up on me and knocks me out. Sending love and hugs. jj

  4. Thank you Darlene, Gayle and Joanna for you lovely kind words.

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