Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Darlene"s Life

Today I want to congratulate Darlene of "My Life For A Year" on her great blog. She was my first blog friend from overseas (out of Australia). I remember back then, I was so excited I had a follower I didn't know. I always enjoy reading her posts as she really gives everyone a feel for her life and also shares some beautiful Canadian shots. Darlene has come so far with her photography capabilities - her photos have always been interesting but they now have excellent composition and colour.  Isn't the world amazing these days when we can say that we regard someone as our friend when we have never met them. I think the main ingredient I love about "My Life For A Year" is that Darlene shares the words and photos of the everyday life, loves, problems and joy of a great Canadian.  Thanks Darlene for sharing your life with us.


  1. Awww, thank you Davine. What an honor to be featured on your blog. I love that we can connect and communicate and I also feel that you are a dear friend even though we have never yet met.

    Thank you for your wonderful compliments on my photos, what keeps me hanging in here is being real. I don't use photoshop, yes I add frames to some of my photos and one thing about me, I do tell it like it is. Life's too short to be perfect, I tried to keep up to being a perfectionist and damn it's tough! Real and simple, my Canadian way of life.

    Cheers my friend and thanks again! You've really touched my heart tonight!

  2. You are very welcome Darlene. Oh I agree with you Life is way to short to be perfect or sweat the small stuff.


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