Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lake Eildon

Yesterday Shane and I went for a drive to Lake Eildon. Australia has been in drought for quite a few years but thankfully we have had quite a bit of ran this Winter and Spring so far. Back when I was in my 20's I used to go to Lake Eildon quite often, one time eight of us had a week on a house boat on the lake. It was always a very popular place for all water sports especially water skiing and fishing. The drought really had a huge effect on the Eildon area as holiday makers had little reason to head up there as the lake was almost dry. Normally Lake Eildon, is six times the capacity of Sydney Harbour and has over 500 kilometers of shore. Most of the lake is surrounded by national park.  Back in 1998 Shane and I had a drive up there to see just how low the water was. We couldn't believe the shocking sight we saw, the water was replaced by dirt, trees and car tracks. So, seeing we have had some great rain recently we thought it was time to check it out again and oh what a beautiful sight greeted us. The lake is still a lot lower than it was when I was in my 20's but at least it is now a lake. What is it with water - why does water make us feel so good?
Lake Eildon 1998

Lake Eildon - October 2010

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