Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

I may have already mentioned it, but this won't be the first time I have repeated myself. I really love Christmas. I always have - I remember when I was a child I would work my way through the month of December preparing for the big day. On Christmas morning I would wake up at 3.00am and try to convince Mum and Dad that it was time to get up. Being an only child it was usually a pretty quiet little family day. As our Christmas is in the middle of our Summer it is usually really really hot and the kitchen is literally like being in an oven. Isn't it funny how even though we live in a relatively warm climate we still have the roast meals and plum pudding for lunch. There are a lot of people that now go with the seafood lunch, which I think I would love, but I have spoilt my family with the traditional day and now I can't change - I would have a revolt on my hands. I also really love New Year, it's a new beginning. I feel on NY Eve we can contemplate all the events - good and bad - that took place in the past year and then at midnight we are cleansed and almost reborn for the coming new year. With these feelings in mind that I have in December I thought I would keep (try anyway) to keep a photo journal of my journey through my festive preparation, Christmas and then my rebirthing time at New Year. I would love to get your feelings of the festive season during the month as well.


  1. Hi Davine!
    It really would be strange for me to think of this season without snow, even though so much of the world is without snow on the Christmas holidays. I have cut out a lot of things, paring down on the decorations that took days to put up - and days to take down. I keep it pretty simple, traditional meal and gifts on Xmas day.

    As for New Year's - I reinvented the process for myself by celebrating Winter Solstice (as well as Spring/Fall Equinox and Summer Solstice) and treating each as a New Year -with the "cleanse" as you called it and setting new goals/plans for the next period. That way I get FOUR a year instead of one! I started this when I turned 50 - been doing it for 12 years and I love it!

    I look forward to your blogging on your way of celebrating!

  2. Even though I was raised in the subtropics in the U.S., I thought of Christmas as a snowy, cold time! And we had all the old New England and Merry Olde England

    I used to very much love Christmas and would very much get into it...but now, I don't know, something has happened and while I enjoy it, and do a bit, it doesn't seem to be grabbing my heart as much -- probably the result of losing almost all my family members (and my husband running off) in the past few years...

    I'm looking forward to your picture journal of your preparations!

  3. I am looking forward to your Christmas photos Davine! I cannot imagine a Christmas in the middle of summer, how could I being from Northern Alberta? We are in a deep freeze most Christmas days and the warmth of the oven is extremely welcoming. I would love to see your Christmas and also your New Years cleansing.

    I generally go out for New Years, I have taken to attending sober parties and I love it! My niece came with me last year and who knows what we have in store for this year but you bet I'll be posting. My official first P365 will not come to a close until January 1, 2010. (Wow, that was so strange just typing in 2010, I backspaced because I thought, no way! Oh my goodness! LOL)


  4. The Festive Season, for me, is all about DECORATIONS and GIVING GIFTS. Yay! I am looking forward to, one day, having a little bit less happening in the weeks leading up to the 25th so I can enJOY the process even more. :)


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