Monday, November 23, 2009

Beautiful Rain

It's hard to believe that only last week Melbourne was having a heatwave run of mid 30c. Now we are having major rain and it's almost cold enough to turn the heating on. But as we are in a drought it is mighty nice having this rain.


  1. Hi Davine! Now it looks like all the time in our country... except palm trees, of course. :-)

  2. Rain! We rarely get it here, either! Looks lovely and now you might have lots of nice blooms for your upcoming summer?

  3. I love your photo! And I'll trade you our zero temperatures any day for a day of rain! Mind you I'm not complaining, our winter thus far has been so mild, last year at this time we were around -30c. Now that is cold!

  4. Hi Davine,

    Nice photo with the buildings in the background, palme trees in the middle and a wet, wet ground. Saturday afternoon and Sunday was a bit of a turnup after last week. One minute we're dressed in thongs, shorts and a singlet top, the next it was back to winter pj's and a dressing gown.

    Let's hope the rain fell where it was needed and the farmers received a good dose.
    Melbourne Daily Photo


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