Sunday, November 8, 2009

Enjoyable Sunday

What a wonderful Sunday I have had. Tomorrow is my dear old Dads 91st birthday, so I had a little gathering today for him. Three of Dads cousins came over - Barry, Rachel & Laurel - whom we hadn't seen in a long long time. Even though they are Dads cousins they are closer to my age. Dad was an only child and these three are the only relatives I have on Dads side. They grew up on a farm in western Victoria and Dad & I used to often go and stay with them when I was a little person. Being a city girl it was a wonderful experience heading off to the farm to help (not really help) milk the cows, watch the sheep get shawn and all the daily things that have to be done when running a farm. I have the fondest memories of my visits there and each one of them had some impact on who I am now. I even named my daughter "Rachel" after one of them. Other visitors to our gathering were a few of my friends and even my ex hubby and of course my beautiful daughter Rachel, her boyfriend Luke and my handsome son Shane. It's a pity my partner Shane and Stacey couldn't be here. So all in all I have had a very enjoyable Sunday with my family.


  1. A very happy birthday to your dad Davine... I trust he'll be celebrating again today!!

  2. What a lovely way to spend your weekend! And a very special happy birthday to your Dad, 91 years young... now that is something!

  3. 91 years old! Quite the accomplishment! Please wish your dad a Happy Birthday all the way from Midland, Texas!!!


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