Monday, November 16, 2009

Time Differences

A comment from a dear blog friend "Darlene" about the time difference we have between us has prompted this post. Thanks Darlene - I was having brain pause in what I was going to write and you inspired me. Isn't the web amazing how we can now be in constant contact with people - some we don't even know - with the tap of a few keys on the keypad. Back in the 80's I lived in Toronto for a couple of years and then in New York for about 3 years. Being my parents only child and taking their only two
grandchildren away from them was pretty difficult. The only contact I could have was a very expensive phone call or a letter that took about a week to even get to them. Ah how nice it would have been to have the "WWW's" or "Email" or even my favorite at the moment "Skype". I must say I do love being able to share peoples lives that I meet over the web. So I thought I would just see what the time difference is between me and the "friends" who follow my blog.

fitceter - not sure where in Canada so you would be somewhere between 16 & 18 hours.
My Haven - Shirley -11 hours
Joy Express - Michelle - Same time (Michelle is only about 2 minutes away by car)
Susan & Bec - Same time (About 2 hours away by car)
My Life for a year - Darlene - 18 hours
Teepee - Trish - 1 hour
tillnextyear - Trish - not sure where you live.
Erasing the bored - Suzen - 17 hours
Move with Me - If is in Morocco - 11 hours
Old Dame Penniwig - where in the world are you?
The Fifty factor - Joanna - 19
Nikon Sniper - Stephen - 17 hours
Laura - not sure where you are from.
LL - 17 hours
Really sorry if I have forgotten, but my brain is a wee bit frazzled after all of that. Darlene I think you may have created a monster!! Any visitors to my little blog I would love to know what the time difference from you is as well. May as well send me totally crazy!!
I am also very excited as today I reach 1000 visitors to my blog, yeah I have made a milestone.


  1. Now I want to know the time difference between Midland, Tx and where you are!!! What a neat post! I think my ex (in Canberra or something like that, Brisbane maybe, don't know the cities there) said it was something like "the next day minus 9 hours."

  2. Hi Penniwig - Midland, Texas is 17 hours behind Melbourne. Canberra is the same as Melbourne, but Brisbane is 1 hour different between October and March as they don't go to daylight savings time.

  3. Hi fitcetera, You are 16 hours behind Melbourne. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Awesome post Davine! Thanks for posting this. It puts things in perspective for me. So as I sit here and type at 3:46am (don't ask! lol) you are about to sit down to dinner. That seems odd to me for some reason! lol

  5. Darlene - I agree time differences have always seemed weird to me.

  6. Davine, I love that I am only 2 minutes away (yet we don't seem to be able to catch up physically - what is with that?! LOL) but it would be so much fun to be many hours away like your other friends. What an adventure! We are removed by time in the location but still can chat in real time - yep, that does my head in!


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