Friday, July 16, 2010

Anaesthetic Brain !!

Well I must say I haven’t had a very productive week. Each day I start out with great intentions, but by about 1.00pm I am so tired I just have to sit down and usually fall asleep. I never dreamed having my operation would affect me so much. I guess being under a general anaesthetic for 2 ½ hours has to have some effect on my body. I did at least stay awake all day today, so I was able to get some essential stuff like washing clothes and dishes done. I don’t feel like today has been a huge waste. I know I have to give my body time but there’s stuff I want to do and I have proven to me I am a bit impatient. Oh well tomorrow is another day and something will get done. I am having some girlfriends over tomorrow night for a “make yourself pizza night”. For a bit of fun we will all have our PJ’s on and we will play some games and just be silly all together.


  1. Hope pizza night gives you a little boost but take it easy. Surgery is surgery and it takes time to catch up from it.

    Enjoy the weekend,

  2. Can't wait to here all about your pizza night!! It takes time to recover from surgery!! Take it easy on yourself!!


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