Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wave Rock to Boondi Rock

This post is a bit of a catch up as we didn't have phone or Internet coverage at our last stop. Our stop last night was at Boondi Rock which is in the Goldfields Woodlands National Park. It was only a small roadside stop with toilets, but as I found out after checking out the location it contained some pretty interesting sights and history. First up we met a friendly guy camping on his own after a difficult divorce. I think he really wanted someone to talk to. Our camp spot was right next to a dam full of water and there appeared to be empty channels running into it. So off I took myself for a walk. As it turns out Boondi is one of the many rock outcrops developed as a water catchment in the Goldfields and Wheatbelt regions. These catchments typically consist of perimeter walls, constructed in the form of a funnel and rock lined channels that direct rainfall runoff into a dam or storage reservoir. At the time of their construction in the 1900's these catchments were heralded as engineering marvels.

Half way up Boondi Rock

Looking back down the rock you could see how the walls had been built to act as a funnel.

Then they funnelled into the wide channels.

There were a couple of channels coming in from different parts of the rock.

Then they led into the water catchment.

The water was really clear and according to Shane tasted
OK but it is advised that it is boiled before drinking it.

On the opposite side of the catchment was an overflow channel that led
extra water into a now dry creek bed.

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