Friday, January 3, 2014

Pemberton to Walpole

Walpole was originally established in the early 1930's as a group settlement for farmers. Soon after the timber milling industry was developed. This region is most famous for the Giant Red and Yellow Tingle Trees, many over 400 years old. The timber industry is still important in the area but it is also known as a rich dairy and beef farming area.
Today we went for a drive through some of the forest that contains some of the most magnificent trees I have ever seen. One such tree is the Giant Tingle Tree that is a large, old tingle tree that has been hollowed out by fire over many years. After parking our car it was an easy 800mtr circular walk which leads down to the Giant Tingle Tree and there is a board walk that protects it. At 24 metres, this is the largest, living, girthed eucalypt known in the world.
Our camp in Walpole is surrounded by nature

One of our many visitors we get each night

Shane looks tiny inside the Giant Tingle Tree

The Giant Tingle Tree

The beauty of nature never stops amazing me

Walking through the forest I didn't know which way to look, I was surrounded by beauty


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