Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sight Seeing and an Interruption

Today was another day of trying to catch a fish. This time in the ocean, but the result was the same. Us - nil, Fish - 2. But at least the day wasn't a total loss, we checked out some of the beautiful beaches in the area and also some of Natures spectacular creations. One such creation was called Elephant Rocks. As I walked along the gravel path while following the signs to Elephant Rocks, I could see some fairly large - actually huge rocks - along the coastline. I then came to a fairly steep set of steps down to the sand. I wasn't sure where it went from there as the rocks seemed to block the path. Once I reached the bottom I could see the small gap between two enormous rocks. I walked through as the waves lapped at my feet. As I got to the other side of the gap I was confronted with an absolute amazing sight. The whitest of white sand, the bluest of blue ocean and a collection of enormous rocks that could only be explained as being spiritual!!! As I stood there soaking up the beauty I heard a giggle behind me. As I turned to see what it was I quickly realized I had interrupted a couple in an intimate moment. Yep - that's right they were doin it!!! The guy was quickly trying to put his pants on as I turned and all he could do was say Hi to me. It was hilarious!!
Peaceful Bay wasn't to paeceful today!!


No fish at Madfish Bay today!!

The entrance to Elephant Rocks

The beauty of Elephants Rocks was amazing.

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