Monday, November 18, 2013

Perth to Melbourne

Here we are back in Melbourne a total of 3,417 kilometres (2123 miles) from Perth. No we didn't drive it, we flew in a big comfortable plane. We have come home for 2 weeks for some Dr's. appointments and some time to catch up with friends and families. It was a bit of a shock when we arrived as we came from 39c to 14c. The house is a bit crowded as we are staying (in my house) with my daughter Rachel, Luke, Clare and Mikayla. It was so nice to give my girl a hug after six months. Clare is now a typical 2 year old chatterbox. She spends her day asserting her developing personality, not always but mostly in a very cute way. I just love this age, I love the things that come out of their mouths and how they view things. Mikayla is the smiliest little six month I have ever held. I just melt into her beautiful little almond shaped eyes when she looks up at me.  
Mikayla - 6 months

Clare - 2 years
Yesterday Rachel, Clare, Mikayla and I went to Santa's Magical Kingdom. It was so beautiful to see little Clare's eyes light up as we walked in and she spotted all the lights and rides, but that was nothing compared to her smile when Santa arrived and talked to the children. I love Christmas and I always become a kid when it's Christmas time, but the true joy of Christmas is when there are little people around.  

Rachel, Clare and a Penguin

Mrs Clause, Davine and Clare

The snow from the snow machine intrigued Clare
My night babysitting the two girls last night took me back to when my two were little and one or both of them wouldn't want to settle down for the night. Clare was great and slept all night but Mikayla just didn't want to settle. She just wanted to be with someone, and that someone was me. So we spent the night in the Queen size bed together and she slept soundly. Needless to say I am a little tired tonight.

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