Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gingin to Perth

Well we have finally hit the big smoke of Perth. I actually got a bit excited driving into the city centre. Not sure why, I think it might be because Melbourne and Perth are on opposite sides of Australia and I have never travelled this far before. We have put the car and Myrtle (our camper) into storage for the next two weeks while we fly back to Melbourne for a much looked forward visit with family and friends. Oh also some Dr's appointments. We have two nights at a hotel in Perth CBD and then fly to Melbourne on Thursday and I can't wait. While having a walk around the city this afternoon I realised just how long we have spent in remote areas. I have decided I haven't missed the city traffic and I'm certainly not used to the crowds. We decided to get some lunch and found a food court - so much choice, not used to that either.

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