Monday, November 4, 2013

Geraldton to Port Denison

Well we certainly didn't exert ourselves on this journey as we only had to drive 72kms (44.7 miles). So you would think we wouldn't be tired in the afternoon, oh no we still had to have our Nana nap in the PM. Port Denison and Dongara are twin towns divided by the Irwin River that have a real seaside village feel about them. There isn't a huge amount of touristy stuff to do, but then sometimes that's nice. It's nice and relaxing just to spend some time enjoying the sounds of the waves and doing nothing. We decided to stay on Port Denison rather than Dongara for no other reason than someone had recommended it to us. Travelling around Australia you soon get to learn to listen to peoples recommendations - word of mouth certainly is the best advertising. Port Denison is the home of Western Australia's largest rock lobster fishing fleets. Unfortunately the season doesn't start until after the Blessing of the Fleet is conducted next week. As with a lot of the villages we have visited along the WA coast there is a lot of history and historic buildings all built around the 1800's.
The Old Dongara Post Office

Dongara old Police Station, Courthouse and Gaol
Once again we are right on the Indian Ocean with beautiful white sand beaches - well normally that is. For some reason Mother Nature has decided to dump a huge amount of seaweed on the closest beach to us. Some of the piles would be at least 2 metres high. Not only does it look really unattractive it really really stinks. Needless to say I'm glad I bought a can of Eucalyptus spray to keep Myrtle smelling nice. I would presume all the would need would be a really high tide and most of the weed would be taken back out to sea. If I lived here I'd be down at the beach collecting some of this smelly stuff to use on my garden. When my Mum and Dad lived on the coast in St. Helens, Tasmania they used seaweed all the time on their garden and  their garden was fantastic.
I wonder why Mother Nature decided to dump this on shore -
doesn't do much for the beautiful beach
Last night we once again we had a beautiful sunset. But when I turned around to look back at the township, the sky was equally as striking. The clouds looked a bit dark and ominous. Then during the night there was lots of thunder and lightening and I got quite excited that we might see some actual rain. Haven't seen rain in a very long time. But no Mother Nature had other ideas as she only gave us about six drops of rain and then it all moved on.

Sunset over the Indian Ocean

Don't forget to always look over your shoulder
For my regulars you may remember I have been running a lucky draw for one lucky person who commented on my blog during the month of October. I thank you all for you lovely comments, but there can be only one winner. Drum Roll........ and and the winner of one of my pieces of chainmaille jewellery is Filip Demuinck. Filip if you could email me on we can work out which piece you would prefer.

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