Monday, May 13, 2013

Day Tripping around Coober Pedy

Today was a day to check out what Coober Pedy has to offer. Everyone I have ever spoken to that has been here have told me "don't go there is nothing there". But as I have said before I have always wanted to come to Coober Pedy and see the nothing for myself. Well I have and I think there is quite a lot to see. As I mentioned in yesterdays post a lot of the houses, businesses etc. are underground to shelter from the scorching summer heat. So tonight I will share a couple of those underground attractions.
Located in a beautiful desert garden, is Faye's famous Underground Home. The original one room home housed the first mail truck driver over sixty years ago. It was converted by Faye Nayler and two other women, using only picks and shovels, into a kitchen and bedroom. Later five other rooms were added including a wine cellar and a swimming pool. Here we are standing in front of the Jasper stone fireplace and bar area. You can see the carve out hallway behind us.
Faye is still around but now in her 80's she is writing books and living in Brisbane.

While at Faye's Historic Underground House I made friends with Matilda.
Inside the Serbian Underground was absolutely amazing. Note how the roof has been carved out.

The door to ......?? This doorway was just in the side of a hill, no sign, no handle just a door to ...??


  1. I think there's so much to see and experience in Coober Pedy, seriously where can you dine underground? Or secure a hotel room underground? There's a tavern, shops and tons of other things down there and I see you found some pretty awesome places down below. I'd suggest people don't miss this town, it's unbelievable!

  2. I agree Darlene, I think its amazing so much is underground.


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