Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dodging food !!

Last night I had a very enjoyable night out with some girlfriends. We went out for dinner to Kobe Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant. Teppanyaki is always fun to experience with a group of girls. For those out there that may not have had teppanyaki, it is basically very fresh food cooked in front of you while having some of it thrown at you. Yes we all had food thrown at us and we mostly caught it, with lots of laughter. What a great way to spend an evening - great food, lots of laughter and the great company of girlfriends.

Kobe Teppanyaki Restaurant

Good Catch Alice
I am starting to get excited about the 10 day cruise Shane and I are going on next Sunday. We are going to various islands in New Caledonia and Vanuatu. I am going to endeavour to update my blog while we are away, hopefully I won't strike to many internet connection problems.


  1. They throw food at you? That's interesting to say the least! lol I was at a place called Japanese Village on Saturday night to celebrate my son and his wife's birthdays and they have the same service where they cook in front of you at your table. The food is amazing! Thank goodness they didn't throw the food at us though, my granddaughter was with us and she's being encouraged NOT to throw food! lol

    I look forward to seeing your photos from your get away! Enjoy your day my friend.

  2. This looks like loads of fun Davine... and a cruise - wow! You'll have a ball. My last cruise was back in the 80s - love to go again!

  3. These kinds of restaurants are always great for a fun night out.

    Hope your cruise is fantastic. Safe travels and smooth waters. I'll be watching for photos.

    Cheers, jj

  4. Looks like a lot of fun; I have to find out if they have something like that in NYC.


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