Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paradise Day 4

Today was our day to visit "Mystery Island" in Vanuatu. This tiny island of only 1.5 square kilometres is uninhabited as the locals from neighbouring islands believe it to be haunted after dark. They do all head to the island when cruise ships come in to sell their wears, but head back to the others island before it gets dark. I did some more snorkeling while Shane did a bit or exploring. On his little exploration he came across this hut with villages selling freshly cooked crayfish (lobsters) at at least 1/4 the price we would pay in Australia. Well being the seafood lovers that we are we just couldn't resist having one and I must say it was absolutely delicious. After a bit more relaxing we thought it be wise if we headed  back to the ship on one of the tender boats as the weather was starting to look a bit wet and we were right. All of a sudden we had the most amazing downpour. That evening was once again spent eating and enjoying great entertainment.
Tiny Mystery Island - Vanuatu
Crystal clear waters of Mystery Island
Villagers performing

Yummy Crayfish (Lobster)

Storm Approaching


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  2. Davine, WOW... just WOW! Now that's a holiday. You really did find paradise, you lucky lady you! I love your photos, makes me want to go away someplace just like this now.


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