Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Day Trip

Yesterday Susan, Bosco (Shane’s dog) and I had another day trip northward. I decided today we would take Bosco along with us as he travels really well in the back of the car. He enjoyed his day with the wind blowing thru his fur – although he did lay down and sleep most of the trip.
Bosco - ready for his adventure
After driving through some beautiful green countryside we made our first stop of at the tiny town of “Candelo”. My son said to go and have a look here because he thought we would like this little town. Now “little” was the operative word – there were about 3 stores, but it is still nice to see the small towns of our wonderful country. Candelo is set in the Bega Valley and although small is well known for it various festival held throughout the year.
We then set off along the banks of the Candelo Creek to next small township of “Central Tilba”.  We were amazed by the devastation of the recent floods; there were literally hundreds of tress that had been flattened down by the force of the flood waters that had hurdled down the rivers recently.  
Trees flattened by the floods
After about another 30 mins we arrived at the delightful township of “Central Tilba”. I have visited this little town on many occasions and I still always look forward to visiting.  This delightful little town is a working heritage village and is  classified under the  a National Trust and has been named as one of Australia's top 20 heritage sites. It is located in the foothills of Mount Dromedary. It is only one small road filled with lots of interesting shops that sell mostly handmade goods.  Susan and I had a good look at all the shops while Bosco patiently waited for us outside. He is really a very well behaved dog, although we did find out today that he is a bit frightened of wooden rocking horses. He growled, barked while backing away from them – it was quite hilarious.
Dromedary Hotel - Central Tilba

Bega Valley

Bosco - the perfect travelling companion
Then it was time to head back to Eden and enjoy our last dinner out with Shane. Now today it is time to head back home and start planning for the cruise I am going on in April.


  1. Wow, you're one busy lady lately, good for you! It looks so beautiful where you visited. Bosco is such an adorable dog and that's hilarious he's scared of the rocking horse! A cruise next? Where are you off to this time?

  2. Bosco looks like a very nice traveling companion :-)

    Safe travels home. jj

  3. The little town you described is just my cup of tea. I like driving around Victoria and discovering our country towns, old buildings that haven't been knocked down i the name of progress. Sounds like you've had a wonderful road trip.
    Where are you cruising to?


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