Monday, April 25, 2011

Paradise Day 5

Today it was our day in Vila, Vanuatu but firstly the day started with this spectacular sunrise.

We didn't think much of the town centre and then we walked through the market. I thought Shane was going to throw up with the smell, especially when we came across the dried fish and squid. It didn't bother me that much and I just love seeing the local markets. 
Dried Squid - didn't smell very sweet!!

Then it was time for us to split up - Shane went of to do a big of reef fishing which he really enjoyed, even though he only caught three little fish. I went to the Ekasup Cultural Village. It was really interesting and I learnt so much. Did you know that up until 1985 a village in the northern part of Vanuatu still practiced cannibalism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Chief
Unlike in Australia, all the spiders and snakes in Vanuatu are non venomous!!!


  1. Just been catching up with your recent travels Davine. Many experiences & memories to treasure, having your own balcony on board ship must have been fantastic aswell, particularly for the sunrises & sunsets! Brilliant!

  2. Yikes, cannibalism until 1985! That's unreal.

    I love your sunrise, it's so beautiful. I can see why Shane turned ill when you were in the market, my stomach turned just looking at the photos! lol You've sure captured some fantastic shots!

    Have a magnificent day my friend, thanks for sharing your trip with us.


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