Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paradise Day 3

This morning we woke to the first of our beautiful sunrises as we dropped anchor at the
"Isle of Pines" - New Caledonia.
Our 1st beautiful sunrise.
The tender ships to take all the passengers to the island were lowered and off we went to spend our first day in Paradise.
The tender boats are lowered
We had booked ourselves on a tour that took us to the other side of the island and I spent a wonderful few hours snorkeling along the coral reef. The fish that were there were just spectacular. After snorkeling we spent the rest of the day exploring other parts of the island, shopping and enjoying a local beer. We then returned to the ship for another evening of good food and great entertainment. It was this night I realized I can't keep eating 3 big meals every day because I will explode!!
This is why it is called the "Isle of Pines"

Danger Rock at Kanumera Bay, is regarded by the locals villagers as a sacred area and although it is ideal for snorkelling around its base in the crystal clear waters, villagers believe that the souls of their ancestors are now the plentiful
"Striped T-shirt" snake. As a mark of respect it is advised not to snorkel or even touch the rock.
I am guessing some people didn't know of this custom or of the deadly snakes as they were sitting on
the rocks at the base of the rock.

Mmmm nice cold local beer!!
Time to get back on the ship.

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