Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am just way to tired to think of anything to type tonight. Today was my seventh day straight working at Homing Instincts. I must say I do love working there but I am getting to old for seven days. I have a few days of now and tomorrow I have booked in for a two hour facial and massage. My beautiful daughter Rachel gave me a massage voucher for Christmas. I am so looking forward to my two hours of self indulgence. I would love to hear what your ideal self indulgence would be if you had a whole two hours to spare. Now keep it clean!! Please leave me a comment - we all love to get comments on our blog don't we? So until tomorrow I will say good night and wish you all a lovely night or day, depending on where you are.


  1. I hope you enjoy your massage. Sounds like you really deserve it!
    Indulgence for me is just time alone to read or do whatever:)

  2. Davine what an ideal way to spend a few hours. I'd want two more so four hours in total! lol A two hour massage, a hot tub or sauna, and naturally a manicure, facial, and a pedicure would all be so wonderful! That's my ideal way to spend some me time. Have an awesome time and try to get some rest afterward. We all need some down time every now and again to allow our energies to recharge!


  3. Davine, love your reads like mine. I have been a grab life by the horns (or tail) crone who is now discovering herself. How delightfully indulgent and joyful. I will follow your journey and wish blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

  4. Hey Davine!

    LOVE your idea of INDULGENCE! But, I must say that I am a little challenged on what would be my perfect way of indulging self. Umm. Stimulating conversation over great coffee with someone who is interested in ME! Hmm. I wonder if I am a bit needy?! LOL. Actually, I do LOVE a great coffee with friends at a fabulous cafe!
    Thanks for a great 'challenge'. :)

  5. Hello Davine,

    Enjoy your time at the spa. I could use a massage myself. My indulgence I think is to have a good two hour nap.


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