Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I must admit I am a bit of an IT gadget freak. It's not that I buy lots but I love to read and learn about all the goodies that are out there. But I saw this little gadget on the "Catch of the Day" website, and I couldn't resist buying it. It was a reasonable price too, only cost me A$18.70. What is it I hear you ask? It's a USB Digital HDTV & DAB Tuner, which in English s a little gadget that enables me to watch and record T.V and radio on my laptop. Why did I feel I had to have this gadget? I think it will come in handy when we go camping to Torquay next month, I will be able to watch the news and see whats happening in the world  and if it does happen to rain I can watch some telly.

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  1. Davine this sounds like a pretty cool gadget. I find that if I have to spend time reading over new gadgets that I don't want them, it's plug and play all the way with me, well that or get my sons to show me how it works! lol

    Enjoy your new toy! :-)


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