Sunday, February 13, 2011

Out of Sorts

I have been a bit out of sorts the past week, with lots of weird emotions sneaking up on me and biting me on the bum. At first I was bewildered as to why I have been having a hard time when only two weeks ago I was on a real high. Now I know why, next Saturday it will be 12 months since my Dad passed away and I have know noticed that I am continually thinking about the things I was doing and emotional turmoil I was in this time last year. I am guessing we all go through these feelings so I will just tackle each day as they are presented to me.


  1. Hi Davine,

    anniversary dates do affect us even when we're not consciously aware of them. I've learned this through personal experiences not only of my own but from others. I believe in psychology there's also been studies done on this to validate that the subconscious stores this type of information. If memory serves me correctly it is best to pull the event to the conscious realization and deal with the event which transpired. So if it means a good cry, some writing, talking to someone I suggest you do that to help you get through this challenging time. I find for me it's best to chat with close friends, those who have experienced a loss or whatever the event might have been. I believe it's healthier to let it out then to try to suppress these feelings and I can see that you are doing this so good for you!

    If you want to chat send me an email, I'm always only a click away my friend. Take care and huge hugs sent to you from across the pond.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Darlene - makes sense to me.


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