Sunday, July 4, 2010

July Theme - Abundance

I have had a fairly quiet Sunday; waking at almost 11.00am was a bit weird. I guess my body needed to have a good sleep in. I spent most of my day making some jewellery pieces and organising my stock for an upcoming event. Next Sunday I am joining a group of girlfriends the “Groovy Goddesses” on a stand at the “Wellness & Lifestyle Expo”, at the Plenty Ranges Art & Convention Centre in South Morang. . The “Groovy Goddesses” consist of Deb doing Reiki, Michelle doing Angel Readings, Caroline selling her handmade Candles & Soaps, Maria getting and keeping us all organised – guess she is our manager and me with my Jewellery. I am looking so much to the day; it is just such a satisfying feeling to be actually doing something you love with people who also really love what they are doing.

Last week I was lucky enough to have Michelle of "Joy Express" help me draw my Medicine-Wheel One-Year Layout. This layout is suggested by Denise Linn in the Soul Coaching Oracle Cards Guidebook. My theme, for July, is “Abundance”.

Now I do know the meaning of abundance as mentioned in the dictionary:
1. The property of a more than adequate quantity or supply; "an age of abundance".
2. An overflowing fullness; ample sufficiency; great plenty; profusion; copious supply; superfluity; wealth: -- strictly applicable to quantity only, but sometimes used of number.

But where will the abundance come to me this month? Will it be an abundance of Activities, an abundance of Money, and abundance of Laughs, or an abundance of Love? Whatever it is I would like to think I am in the “Age of Abundance” right now.
Pearl Pendant Necklace


  1. Great post and I love love that necklace!!!

  2. Ooh, gorgeous pendant, Davine! It gives the feel of "abundance". :)

    I am looking forward to 'Being Abundant' with you at the expo.

  3. Love the necklace also. Just be careful about abundance. Could be an abundance of ants. In your case, I'm sure it will be something good.

  4. I've already bookmark this article and will definitely refer this article to all my close friends and colleagues. Thanks for posting!


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