Friday, July 2, 2010

Very Productive Day

My challenges were certainly on a roll today. I started with writing up my list again last night and seeing this challenge period is almost to an end, I thought I would really get some stuff done today. So I started my morning with some more revitalising meditation. This is one activity I am going to do my upmost to continue each day. After brekkie and the extra strong anti-biotic and cortisone tablets I have to take prior to my sinus surgery on Wednesday, I continued on my day completing:

  • I did the final polish of my mosaic gaze ball. Now I’m looking forward to making another project.
  • Finished painting some necklace display stands for my upcoming jewellery events.
  • Sorted through some old sheet sets, towels etc. and packed up the ones that are to be donated the “Diabetes Assoc.”
  • Gave the bathroom a good bit of spit and polish – it is now nice and sparkly.
  • Sorted through all my old receipts I have kept – just in case!!
  • I cleaned out under the carport so my beautiful new car can fit in there properly.
  • Then I finished of my evening by scanning and saving a heap more of my old photos. Now they are ready for scrapbooking. It is great how old photos can transport you to another time and place. This shot is of my kids, Shane and rachel back in 1985. Shane was 4 and Rachel was 3, oh they are so cute.
 Wow, have I had a busy day or what? But how good do I feel having accomplished and completed so much?

What will tomorrow bring? I think we are going to go for a drive to Daylesford, which is a country town about 2 hours away. So I will make sure I have my camera at the ready.


  1. Davine this old photo of your children is adorable, they are both so cute! I love getting lost in old photos, what a joyous way to spend an afternoon or an evening. Have fun with scrapbooking your treasured memories, this scrapping is something I have yet to learn! First I have to learn how to use photoshop. :-)

    You're on a roll and getting so much accomplished, good for you! I hope you had yet another fantastic day, take care and hugs from across the pond (as the English say!).

    You h

  2. You are rocking this challenge! You did more in one day than I've done all week and I worked hard this week :-)


    Have a great July 4th.


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