Monday, July 26, 2010

Angel Brunch @ Rivers of Yarrambat

Today I had a lovely time at "Angel Brunch". We went to a new location called "Rivers of Yarrambat" which is a Cafe, Providore, Garden Nursery, Conference Centre and Health & Wellbeing Centre.  It was such a nice time spent at a great location with great food and five very inspiring women. It's great spending time with girls who have some of the same interest but are totally different. As we due some Angel Card Readings it's always good to have a question you would like an answer to. Usually my questions are a bit flaky but today I had a really specific question in mind. Well not to disappoint the cards I got answered my question exactly and I mean exactly. I know there are a lot of people out there that think all this Angel Reading stuff is a bit weird and not quite true. But when you get an exact answer to a fairly specific question you really cannot doubt that something is going on. So now I know that the road I am taking in my life is the right road I'm happy. That doesn't mean there with be times of doubt in the future but I'll cross that bridge if I get to it.


  1. Wonderful to hear that you enjoyed your day Davine. What a beautiful place to gather!

  2. Lunch with "five very inspiring women" sounds like a perfect afternoon to me. And if the angel cards have meaning to you, I say go for it! I'm glad you got the answer you were looking for.



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