Thursday, July 1, 2010

Great Thursday

Thursday in Melbourne was another chilly winter day, but oh I have had such a nice day. As I am still in my challenge phase I thought it was high time to have a day when I just did stuff for me and just went with the flow. The day started of with a sleep in, followed by a lovely warm leisurely shower. After running a couple of errands it was of to pick up Rachel for our lunch date. I decided that we should head back to the “Donnybrook Hotel” so Rachel could experience a great meal like Shane and I had last week. But I did warn her not to order the steak, cause it is just way to big. As I mentioned last time this pub is in the country and is as pubs were before the pokie invasion. Once again the meals didn’t disappoint, Rachel had a Fishermans Basket (big enough for two people) and I had Garlic Prawns with Rice. My meal was also pretty big but was so so tasty I got through almost all of it. On the way home we had a drive and look around a couple of the new housing estates. Rachel has now headed of to the football with Shane and I have just had a chat to my boy Shane up in Cairns. Now it is time for me to relax in my PJ’s , and watch Masterchef on telly. I must say I have had a good Thursday.

Tonight I thought I would share a piece of jewellery piece I made yesterday.


  1. What a delightful day, Davine! I like the way the Challenges make us think about things differently, which then allows us to do indulgent days like you have described!

    I LOVE your bracelet! It seems quite different from other pieces you've made. I am excited about seeing it in real life at the Expo.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a day Davine, good for you! You deserve these days and not only once a year, maybe once a month if not twice! :-)

    Very lovely bracelet, your work is stunning!

  3. SOunds like a lovely day to be had... and what a gorgeous result of creativity... reminds me a little of medieval jewllery...

    so sweet...

    I'll be down in Melbourne next week for a couple of days, its going to feel strange to be back after more than 3 years.. goodness does time fly....

    have a lovely weekend

  4. Davine, You need to move to Ohio so that we can hang out together. You know how to have a lovely day. I need some girl friends like that.


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