Monday, January 26, 2015

Australia Day 2015

Hope all the Aussies out there and all the honorary Aussies have had a wonderful Australia Day. I have had a lovely day, spending time in the lovely seaside town of Batemans Bay with my son Shane, daughter in law Stacey and my two adorable grandsons O'Shea and Finn. We put up lots of Aussie Flags, had a lovely BBQ and listened to the JJJ Top 100 tunes. Most of the songs were not my cup of tea, but it was still music. The boys (including my son Shane and the dog Bosco) had hours of fun with the bubble machine. I think Bosco could have a tummy ache tonight after all the bubbles he ate.  We finished off the evening with some yummy cakes.
Even on an overcast day the beach still called the Aussies on Australia Day

All the boys - Finn, O'Shea, Shane and Bosco enjoyed the bubble machine

Finn was just waiting for them to come close enough!

The day finished off with lots of colour

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