Friday, January 2, 2015

Three Things Just For Me

January 30 Day Challenge - Week One
As you may have guessed from my last post, January’s challenge is going to be broken up into 4 weekly challenges. Your challenges will not difficult at all and in January you get the choice (mostly) of what you want to do. Sorry but there are a couple of rules. You MUST divulge what you intend to do, you MUST participate and you MUST check in with your progress. It doesn't matter if you don’t get your challenge completed 100%. What’s important is that you make an effort.
Week 1 – What’s something you really love doing? 
Something that makes you feel good? 
Something that makes your heart smile?
Well that’s your challenge for this week (Friday 2nd – Thursday 8th). You MUST do at least one thing for yourself that makes your HEART SMILE. It could be doing some gardening, having a long hot bubble bath, sitting quietly reading a book, going out for a nice dinner, dancing around the house while listening to your favorite music, relaxing in front of the T.V watching your favorite show, going to movies or any number of other things we love to do.  You MUST do at least ONE thing, more if you like. Just don’t try and do to much, make it achievable. What’s the first thing that jumped into your head? Maybe that’s what you should do.
As soon as you know what you want to do jump online and tell the group what your intention is. Then get to it you have a whole week to make that heart of yours SMILE.
Now to your MUST DO part of this weeks challenge. Most weeks I will once again throw in a mini challenge or a question. This weeks Mini Challenge is one day this week I want you to sit down in a quiet spot and write yourself a letter. Write how you feel your year has been, what your hopes and dreams are for 2015, whatever you like. Put the letter in an envelope seal it up and put it away in a “safe place” to read on NYE 2015. You can write what ever you like to your future self as you will be the only one reading it in the future. I will write myself a note in my diary to remind you on NYE to read it. If you would like me to keep a note of your “safe place” (because I always forget my “safe places”) I would be happy to keep a note of it. I think this will be a huge learning curve for each one of us. I have started writing my letter and by the looks of it, it’s going to be a long letter!
So that’s your first weekly challenge for the year. Now go and make that HEART of yours SMILE.

My weeks challenge is going to consist of 3 things. 
Why 3 - not sure why it just seems the universe is pushing me to pick everything in 3's lately, 
so must be a reason why. 
1. Soak in a nice hot bubble bath, by candlelight and some relaxing music playing. 
2. Pack all my Christmas decorations away. Some people might see this as a chore, but I find it very therapeutic. 
3. Make some cards to send to my friends for their birthdays throughout 2015. When I send someone a handmade card it makes my heart smile and hopefully theirs too. 

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