Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Challenge - Week 3

Part One
Here we go, another week of challenge. OK, your challenge for Week 3 is you have to do something you have NEVER done before. You never know it could bring a new passion into your life, you could meet a new friend or you may just get some pride in yourself that you tried something new. I have decided to tackle two challenges, the first being I am going to work on compiling a "5 Year Plan". As I have been setting myself  goals I have realized there are things I would like to accomplish in the future. So that's where my "5 Year Plan" comes into play. My second challenge is I am going to make Paella!! I have eaten it a few times but never tackled it. So this week I am going to give it a go. What comes to your mind that you can try? Maybe like me you have a recipe you will try, visit a shop you have never been before, go into a cafe/restaurant you have seen but never visited, go have a foot massage or try a craft you have never tried before. It's your choice what you do and how many times you do it. I would really love to hear from you. You idea may just help someone who is at a loss as to what to try. 

Part Two
Hi everyone hope you've had a great start to your week. I am halfway there with this weeks challenge. I sat down and wrote my "5 Year Plan". I've never actually done anything like this before and it actually felt good having a couple of goals to work towards. My other half of my challenge (making Paella) may just have to be sidelined for now. I just can't be bothered making it. I took on these challenges to be a motivator to others but I have had a few things that have consumed my brain this week and don't really feel I can motivate anyone to do anything at this point in time. Hopefully I can get my head around some stuff in the next few days and get back to being me again. but I would really love to hear how your week has gone so far.  

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