Monday, January 5, 2015

Challenge Time

Well here in Melbourne we have had a couple of very very warm days with the weather hovering just under the 40c mark, so I haven't felt much like tacking my challenges. In fact I haven't felt like doing much of anything. But as yesterday was a bit more bearable I decided it was time to pack away all of my Christamas stuff. As I have mentioned previously packing my Christmas decorations, lights etc. is very therapeutic for me. As I clean each piece I think about where it was bought and what meaning it holds in my heart. It may be time for some older pieces to be discarded and some may need a bit of a repair. Then they are individually wrapped and packed away in their boxes until next Christmas. My two other challenges will be tackled in the next couple of days. How has the first 5 days of 2015 treated you? Have you decided to tackle a New Years Resolution or maybe take on our 30 Day Challenge? Please check in and let's us know how your first 5 days has gone. If you haven't got around to doing your challenge as yet, that's fine you still have 3 days before your next challenge will be posted. 

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