Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lake Bullen-Merri , thank you

Well what a perfect way to end my Aussie Adventure Part 1. Today we once again took ourselves off to Lake Bullen-Merri for a bit of angling. Now I am pretty new to this fishing caper, I have just started learning how to tie my own rig up. I can usually put my own bait on too, all depends what it is I'm putting on the hook. The last couple of days has been my first time lake fishing and guess what today I caught my first trout. Now this wasn't any ordinary old trout it was a 5 pound (almost 3kg actually) rainbow trout. I was so excited when I caught this huge fish - I almost jumped out of my skin.
Sunset over Lake Bullen-Merri

Absolutely beautiful scenery

Sorry about the blood - but here I am with my amazing Rainbow Trout

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