Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blue Skies and Seas at Coral Bay

Today started out as a fairly calm day with the wind only being a slight breeze. I checked the wind app on Shane's phone and noticed it was going to pick up again in the afternoon/evening so thought it best if I go for my venture to Bill's Bay and Paradise Beach early. Hows that for a name of a beach Paradise Beach!! Even though there were quite a lot of people playing on the beach and doing some snorkeling I was still able to find some locations where I was the only one on my little piece of beach. I am still amazed at  the beautiful colour of the water in this part of Australia. It is the brightest, clearest turquoise I have ever seen. It's now 4.00pm and yes the wind has once again picked up so I am sheltering inside Myrtle.

Aptly named Paradise Beach!!
Due to it's location, Coral Bay relied on diesel generators for it's electricity, which meant high costs and a reliance on importing fuel into the region. In 2007 these three wind turbines were constructed. They now produce 45% of Coral Bay's electricity requirements which save 440,000 litres of diesel fuel each year. If a cyclone threatens the town, the turbines can be lowered to prevent damage. The power lines to distribute the electricity in town are underground.
Three huge wind turbines overlook the ocean

Other than that my day has been fairly quiet but was made much better as I spoke to both my kids Shane and Rachel. Even though I am having the trip of a lifetime and enjoying my lifestyle, I still really miss my kids and beautiful grandchildren Clare, O'Shea and Mikayla. I'm sure I mentioned it but my son Shane and his partner Stacey are due to have my fourth grand baby mid December. I can't quite believe in 2 1/2 years I will have gone from no grandchildren to four. How lucky am I?
 I'll say it again I LOVE my LIFE.
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