Friday, October 11, 2013

Cape Range National Park

We arrived in Kurrajong Camp Ground in Cape Range National Park early on Tuesday and set up for our four nights there. Our first night we walked to the beach, which was about 80 metres from our camp and watched yet another beautiful sunset.
Sunset at Kurrajong, Cape Range NP
Wednesday morning we woke to gale force winds, clouds and a couple of drops of rain. I haven't felt rain or seen clouds since way back in Alice Springs, which was about 4 months ago. Seeing we couldn't really doing any fishing or snorkeling that we had planned we decided to go for a drive and check out the sights of the national park. I think the only person that was getting good value out of the winds was this wind surfer. He was really great to watch, flying high in the air as the winds lifted him off the water.
At least some-one is getting value out of the gale force winds.

At times he actually got very high out of the water

The fury of the ocean!
Wednesday night was not a pleasant night to spend in Myrtle at all. The wind was really wild and noisy and kept us both awake most of the night. On waking on Thursday morning we decided to head back to Exmouth where it was a bit more sheltered. We figured the two things we wanted to do in Cape Range NP was fish and snorkel, and the weather was preventing that, so we may as well leave. Exmouth was a lot better weather and after having an afternoon sleep (from none the previous night) it looked like the wind was mild enough to venture out fishing. So this morning we checked when the tides would be right and headed off to Pebble Beach to do some fishing. There weren't to many fish about although Shane did catch a Garfish. But it was still a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.

Pebble Beach - my question is where did all these pebbles come from?
Tonight we took ourselves out for dinner,
which was extra yummy and tomorrow we head south for Coral Bay.  


  1. Wow, wind surfing looks like it could be a ton of fun IF one knew how to surf! lol I tried it and didn't get up on the board, either a boogie board or give it another shot given the opportunity.

    I love the looks of your blog, I'm so far behind on reading friends posts that I feel out of the loop. It's hard to believe you haven't seen rain in 4 months, we're getting ready for our lovely (sarcastic font) winter weather here. All too soon the white stuff will be upon us and I only wish I could return to your beautiful country until we see spring again but no can do unfortunately.

    From the looks of it you've covered a lot of ground, good on ya! Enjoy your day/evening my friend... back to my studies here. Oh, I had to come and read this, I noticed the photo on fb and was wondering if that was you wind surfing... next time possibly? ;-)



    1. Thanks Darlene. The windsurfer was really going fast too. I know its hard reading all the blogs we want to isn't it.


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