Saturday, October 12, 2013

Exmouth to Coral Bay

Another short drive again today, about 180kms. The road between Exmouth and Coral Bay wasn't a major road and a bit narrower than some, but still a good road. We got about 30kms out of Exmouth and saw some vehicles up ahead. At first we thought it may have been a Police Booze Bus. But as we got closer we realized it was a car accident. Not sure how it had happened as there appeared to be only one vehicle towing some sort of trailer. The trailer could have been some sort of camper but it was so smashed up it was hard to tell what it was. The car was on it's roof. Some helpers had set up a shade cover on the side of the road and I saw one woman lying down. I am amazed anyone survived the crash as the roof of the car was totally flattened. Being a fellow traveller it really put us on edge and really took our time for the rest of our journey. it just shows how quickly someones life can change.
The Beach opposite our camp
Coral Bay is a small settlement that lies protected from the Indian Ocean, by the Ningaloo reef. It is Australia's only fringing reef. In contrast to other locations the coral starts right at the waters edge.
The main industries are tourism and fishing.  This small village has a permanent population of only around 200, but during the holiday season it swells to much more. It sort of has the feeling of a surfer town without the surf.


  1. Oh my goodness, seeing that vehicle as it was with the woman lying on the ground would be enough to shake up most anybody. Most definitely a real awakening.

    I see your photos of the sunshine, beautiful water and warm days and I'd sure love to be packing up my suitcase and flying back your way, just til about May! lol Very nice scenery, excellent color in your photo Davine!

    1. Yeah I must say Darlene it did really put me out of sorts. I was glad we didn't have far to drive beacuse it was hard to keep my mind off the sights.


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