Friday, June 3, 2011

Back In Daylesford

Previously Old Chill B&B had only taken bookings for the weekends as the owners Tim & Brian both had full time jobs. I have continued that system for now but as of June 10th I will open up a few more week days as well. Luckily I am able to open and close days so I can still head back to Eltham if there is anything I need to do in Melbourne.
A Brief History of Daylesford
Gold was the main reason Daylesford was founded, but saw-milling and agriculture played a part after the easily won alluvial gold was exhausted. After 1865 local businessmen approached the Government and the development of Mineral Springs began to play a major part in the growth of the town as a tourist destination. These days Daylesford and the Hepburn Spring area draw many tourists to the area to not only experience the beauty of the area but also pamper themselves with the mineral springs and the many Spas, and massage and pampering businesses. During my time here I fully intend to pamper myself with a few massages too.
Daylesford ca1908

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