Sunday, July 10, 2011

Overdue Update

I have been so slack lately with updating my blog, although I have had a few things on. So what have I been up to since I last posted. I spent most of the week in Melbourne doing a bit of work at "Homing Instincts". I haven't worked there for about a month and Jennie has got lots of new groovy stuff in, so of course I ended up partially spending my wages. I have had the stitches taken out of my shin and the Dr was very pleased with the healing of the skin graft. For those who remember my posting about my allergic reaction that makes my throat/tongue swell, well I think I may have found out what it could be. I also had an appointment with the specialist last week and he also thinks I may have had a bit of  a breakthrough. I have always been a bit of a coke-aholic. I have always loved my diet coke and drank a lot. But I have not had any since April 10th and the allergic reactions have all but ceased. Apparently my body has decided to react to one of the additives. I really hope this is the problem. My next grand baby was also due last Friday, but he is way to cosy and doesn't want to emerge just yet. So hopefully sometime this week I will be able to share him will you all. I am now back in Daylesford  and have just spent a great weekend with some girlfriends who came up for the weekend - fun fun fun. So that's my recent adventures and now onto my life for another week.
Waiting for "Shaggy"


  1. Davine that's fantastic news to hear that you've discovered what the reaction was to, the bugger now is that you can't drink your diet coke. The way I view this is it's a small price to pay to resolve your issue for once and for all! I'm also glad to hear that your skin graft is healing up nicely!

    How exciting, your grandchild will be arriving into this world any day now! I'm looking forward to photos!

    Enjoy your day, it's time to hit the books for a few hours on this end... oh joy! lol

  2. Davine, I'm wondering if if Diet Coke in Australia contains Aspartame? A while back I found I have a bad reaction to this whenever it's in any drinks so now read the label. After checking the details of it I can clearly see why, when its original use was for killing ants!! I hope nwo you will be well,


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