Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Are Kidding!!!

You Are Kidding Qantas!!!!!!!

One easy way to make a nice relaxed week on the beautiful New South Wales Coast get a little stressful. The airline you are due to fly back home on Friday grounds all of their aircraft - worldwide. Now normally it wouldn't worry me but now that I am running a Bed & Breakfast and I have both rooms booked this weekend and I really need to get back to Melbourne on Friday. Plus I am travelling with Rachel and Clare who is only 5 1/2 mths, we would like to have things run smoothing with a little one. I am using all the positive thinking I have in me as I am sure it will all be rectified in the next 6 days. But just in case I will also check what other options we have.

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  1. Davine - trust in the Universe - all will be well. Enjoy the time together.


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