Thursday, July 14, 2011

My "F....." Week

No it's not what you think - but yes my week has been an "F" week. 
Farewell - Monday was the farewell day,as I dropped Shane of at Melbourne Airport
for his 10 days in Darwin.
Darwin Sunset
Friends - Tuesday I had lunch with some old and new Angel Friends.
These lunches are always so enriching. I always head on home on a bit of a high.

Family - Wednesday was very special as I had dinner with my beautiful
daughter Rachel and my gorgeous grandaughter Clare.
Fun - Wednesday was also time for some good old fun with Arch. My leg finally
felt good enough to head down the park with Arch to throw the ball around.
Arch loves his ball
Freeway Frenzy - Today (Thursday) my "F" experience was definitely freeway frenzy.
On the freeway I was driving along is currently having lots of road works happening
and there is no emergency lane and some poor person had broken down.
I always feel sorry for people who break down but oh my it did cause a bit of havoc.


  1. What a "Fabulous" week, Davine. I am so glad I was part of the "Friends" day at Angel Lunch. I really enJOY those events, too.

  2. Awww look at Claire, she's grown so much already and she's so adorable! I like your "F" post, sounds like you've been busy, but a good kind of a busy!

    Have a wonderful day!


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