Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is that a STEAK or what?

My “10 Tasks in 10 Days Challenge” is progressing really well.

Wednesday & Thursday -

Clean out and declutter linen closet. I now have a lovely smelling and looking linen closet.

Plant my Lemongrass into a pot.

Friday - Finish all of my ironing. No I didn’t have that much ironing.

Saturday - Go for a nice drive and a relaxing lunch. Today we went for lunch to a pub in the country called “Donnybrook Hotel”. When I was a child my Mum and Dad were friends with the then owners of the pub so we would go there fairly often. As it so happens I haven’t actually been back to this pub for about 20 years and I must say it bought back lots of childhood memories. Quite often when I go out for a meal I have some sort of seafood, but today I felt like I needed to eat meat so I ordered a steak. When the steak arrived I think my jaw dropped to the floor, I was laughing so much I had tears running down my cheeks. This has got to be the biggest steak I have ever seen. I think it is a “Brontosaurus Steak” from the Flintstones!!!

Now just to push myself a little bit further I accepted another challenge. This challenge has been thrown out there by lovely “Goddess Michelle”. The last time our group had a week long challenge I was in Cairns, so my accomplishments were all me and holiday related. This time some of them are a bit more practical. Due to time most days both of my challenges will have to blend in together. Can you tell I love a challenge, plus putting my intention out there actually makes me more accountable to complete my challenge.