Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is that a STEAK or what?

My “10 Tasks in 10 Days Challenge” is progressing really well.

Wednesday & Thursday -

Clean out and declutter linen closet. I now have a lovely smelling and looking linen closet.

Plant my Lemongrass into a pot.

Friday - Finish all of my ironing. No I didn’t have that much ironing.

Saturday - Go for a nice drive and a relaxing lunch. Today we went for lunch to a pub in the country called “Donnybrook Hotel”. When I was a child my Mum and Dad were friends with the then owners of the pub so we would go there fairly often. As it so happens I haven’t actually been back to this pub for about 20 years and I must say it bought back lots of childhood memories. Quite often when I go out for a meal I have some sort of seafood, but today I felt like I needed to eat meat so I ordered a steak. When the steak arrived I think my jaw dropped to the floor, I was laughing so much I had tears running down my cheeks. This has got to be the biggest steak I have ever seen. I think it is a “Brontosaurus Steak” from the Flintstones!!!

Now just to push myself a little bit further I accepted another challenge. This challenge has been thrown out there by lovely “Goddess Michelle”. The last time our group had a week long challenge I was in Cairns, so my accomplishments were all me and holiday related. This time some of them are a bit more practical. Due to time most days both of my challenges will have to blend in together. Can you tell I love a challenge, plus putting my intention out there actually makes me more accountable to complete my challenge.


  1. Oh my goodness Davine, that's one huge steak! So did you manage to even put a dent in it? :-)

    Challenges are fun, I too love a good challenge and good for you to have been following through. You sound as though you got a lot accomplished and I bet it feels awesome!

    Have a wonderful day and what's for dinner tonight, left over steak? lol

  2. I. Am. Drooling! That a great looking steak.

    Glad the challenge is going well.



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