Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone

This morning as I wished Shane a Happy Easter it got me thinking. First up I will say – Sorry if I offend anyone. Now I am not a religious person at all, so what does Easter mean to me? I guess it means different things to different people but I just thought today I would share with you what it means to me. If I’m going to be honest when I worked fulltime, basically it meant I got a long weekend. I don’t eat meat on Good Friday, Why – as I have said I’m not religious so why not eat meat. I guess with me not eating meat on Good Friday I am honoring my parents who always said I shouldn’t. What does the few days of Easter mean to me? Even though I may not believe in the whole God idea, I do believe we do have a higher self or a Guardian Angel that is looking after us all the time. So after much thought I have realized Easter and I guess Christmas is a time that I thank and show respect to my higher self and those who are out there looking after me. Easter is also a time to spend with loved ones, be they family or friends. I truly believe we all have our own God inside us, seeing that we try and do the best we can in this life. Isn’t it a shame that more of us don’t listen to our Guardian Angels.
Oh almost forgot, it also means we get Easter Eggs – Yumm – Dark Chocolate.

“Davine Time” update: Putting some of my inner thoughts and beliefs out there.


  1. Whether we believe or don't believe, we should all learn to respect the belief's of others. Easter and Christmas.... I love to greet folks with Merry Christmas! ...Happy Easter! What it is from me is the traditional greeting from my heart and how much better can it get than that? Happy Easter my friend! Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Easter Davine. How wonderful to hear how you feel about these observed holidays. I think it is wonderful that you have a sense of honoring you parents and their beliefs. Spot on. I'm with Lucy and Dick on this one.....tolerance, respect and honor that's the ticket to us all getting along no matter what we believe.
    Have a dark chocolate for me and happy Bunny tails, ((((hugs)))) until next time

  3. Davine, I thank you for sharing your beliefs and thoughts here. I love your openness and honesty, you are amazing. We all have our own beliefs, I might choose to call my "Higher Power" God, some might choose to call theirs Buddha, or Creator... who cares, what makes the difference in my opinion is that an individual has their beliefs and like you they respect and honor life and show gratitude.

    Enjoy your Easter.


  4. Thanks all for your lovely comments. I was really in two minds whether to put my beliefs out there but I am now glad I did.


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