Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Best Laid Plans!

What’s the saying “All the best laid plans”? Well as I wrote last night I had the intention of clearing out my wardrobe today, but alas that didn’t quite happen. I think last night was the worst nights sleep or non sleep I have ever had or didn’t have. I would have slept for no more than 2 ½ hours and when I was asleep I had some crazy dreams. I am usually a pretty good sleeper so when one of these nights creeps in it certainly throws me for a sixer. What’s with these nights, I didn’t have stuff going through my head and it was a quiet night, so why the heck couldn’t I sleep? When I woke up at 2.00am I thought I would get up and watch some telly but it was a little chilly so I thought if I try some meditation I will fall back asleep. No such luck, mediation just didn’t work either, so I just tried tried and tried to sleep until the clock ticked 4.00am. That was my queue to get up. Well that pretty much set the theme for my day – we went to the market first up and when we got home I did as many of the jobs on my list before I just had to go and climb back into my beautiful comfy bed. Well after a couple of well desired hours of sleep I got up with the intention once again tackling the wardrobe. Mmmm nah I don’t think! On awaking I was still really tired so I decided just to put today away as a bad joke and make up for it tonight and start afresh tomorrow. So; on that note I am going to climb back into that beautiful bed and sleep all night long.

“Davine Time” update: Indulging myself in my own thoughts about me.


  1. I hate nights like that. My sleep is pretty consistant as well but lately I have been sleeping so hard that I wake up tired. I don't know what that is about either. Well here's to good nights sleep and de cluttering. ((((hugs)))) until next time

  2. So glad you done what you're body told you to do, Back to Bed!
    I usually have nights like this when I have work the next day, that is so annoying! But, now enjoying 5 days off!
    I'm sure your chores will wait another day! Lol
    Sounds like my good intentions.
    Take care Davine

  3. Sometimes good intentions have to go on the back burner. MOst of us have nights like this, it seems the hatder we try (to get back to sleep) it just doesn't happen. Good to hear you did get some work done, and going back to bed for a well earned rest is often the best solution.
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