Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cairns Botanic Gardens - Day 4

Saturday in Cairns today was such a joy. The day was started by taking both the dogs to the newly opened dog park. It is such great park as it is all fenced in so the dogs can all run around unleashed and has lots of room and quite a few structures for their training. It was so interesting seeing how they all acted when they first met and then all of their funny antics. Our baby “Bosco” was so funny trying to keep up with all the other huge dogs. After dropping the dogs back home to have a snooze we went and got some “Fish n’ Chips” and sat and ate then in the “Cairns Botanic Gardens”.

The Cairns Botanic Gardens are known for having one of the best exhibitions in Australia of tropical plants including specimens from Northern Australian rainforests. Some of the palms / ferns whatever had the biggest leaves I have ever seen. It was so lovely on a hot day to walk through the coolness of the rainforest.

We are now waiting for dinner to be cooked which to my amazment is being prepared and cooked by my son!! Hey, when did he learn to cook Greek Lamb Souvlaki?

“Davine Time” update: Actually hasn’t happened as yet.
After our late dinner I am going to soak my tired body in a nice warm bath.


  1. Hello Davine, this sounds like a great day! Really love your photos!
    I would have been in my element with all the plants+camera. Brilliant! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Cairns!

  2. Been away but would like to tell you, catching up on your posts has been the most fun. Sounds like you are having a lovely visit with your son and DIL and finding out more about you. How fabulous. The photos today are gorgeous and the dinner sounds marvy. (((hugs))) until next time

  3. What a wonderful day! The dogs are so cute, the flowers are splendid and somehow our children manage not to starve but Souvlaki! Wow now that is impressive! :-)


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