Friday, April 9, 2010


Hey did anyone know that in FIVE days I will be in Cairns.
Can you tell I am excited!!
Since my Dads passing I have really been out of sorts – I sort of feel like I have lost my purpose. As I don’t have my Mum and Dad anymore and my kids have grown and moved out, it is really hard getting used to just being responsible for me. I have decided my trip to the tropics is my time to indulge totally in “Davine Time” and decide what I would like to do now. One thing I have decided I am not going to back to full time work. I have thought I would like to get into some volunteer work, not sure what sort but just something to help people. But as everyone has advised me not to rush into anything just go with the flow for a while. I tell you this grieving process is not very consistent, both the ups and downs just sneak up on you. I have never really been very concerned about being an only child, but occasionally these days I wish I had a brother or sister to share these feelings with. My goodness what a depressing post I am writing tonight – I’m not really as down as I sound. I have had a really good day today with some of my amazing girlfriends.

Last time in Far Nth Queensland we had a lovely time out in Shanes boat. It's nice to have such a nice photo of my babies.

“Davine Time” update: Had lunch with Janine. Janine and I have been friends for over 30years. Isn’t it wonderful how you can have a friend whom you may not see for a while or all that often but when you do catch up your friendship just takes over and it is like you see each other all the time?


  1. You must give yourself some time. And that could be quite a bit of time to adjust to being just you. After my parents were both gone I was similarly up and down. My friends just kept telling me to give myself time and I thought how much could it take. For me it was almost 15 months of suprise tears attacks. And still sometimes the thought of my Mom through seeing something of hers or a walk in the side garden can set off a wave and it has been 8 years. But I'm a big cry baby anyway. Old eyes run in our family. I cry at the drop of a hat.
    So give yourself whatever it takes, no self judgemnt okay? Your are a fortunate gal to have lifelong friends and more ((((hugs)))) until next time

  2. ((HUGS)) to you, Davine ... I had a 'grieving' day, on Tuesday, and a couple of out of left field thoughts/awarenesses about Dad, yesterday. I haven't shared them with anyone 'cause they were kind of like little visits from Dad, just for me. Life really has been much easier for a few weeks, from a grieving standpoint.

    I don't really know what it's like to be in your position but I do understand the need to have a purpose and I know you will discover your new path, very soon. I value our friendship, and our unique connection which has occurred through the process of grieving. I look forward to building on that relationship, watching you blossom, enJOYing the magick of your creativity, and sharing the journey as you write your blog.

    Thanks for being YOU.

  3. I do hope you have a wondertime time in Cairns, such a different climate to Victoria, and a great time of the year to be going.

    Mourning has no rules, i just hope you keep been you and everything else will take care of it self.
    Volunteer work is a great idea, i'd start slow like one day a week, and do something really different, like been around young ppl ( if you can stand it) they say some amazing things at times when they arnt been wacky.. What ever you decide i just hope it feels a tiny bit of the loss your feeling now. Its really rewarding to give back, espically if your using a skill you have, which I know you have lots of those.
    P>S. You dont sound depressing, just real. I love that quality.

  4. That's so awesome that you're going away for a break, and what a wonderful place to visit. I can only imagine, I've never been to Cairns but from what I've heard I'm sure that you're going to enjoy yourself.

    That's a great idea not to jump into anything to quickly, volunteer work is so rewarding but it will wait for you until you're ready to go for it.

    Keep following your heart Davine, it won't lead you anywhere you aren't supposed to be.

  5. Both my parents have passed away!! It has been awhile but at times it hurts like it was yesterday!! Take care of you!!

  6. Safe travels and ENJOY! You deserve to relax and take your time to decide your next step.

    Happy vacation!

  7. Hi Davine. I am new to your blog,and enjoying reading all that you have been up to. I wonder how I will cope when my parents time is up. They are both in their eighties and Dad not well.I try not to think about it, but then force myself to, as a form of being prepared.I am so happy for you going to Cairns.I've never been there and look forward to reading about your trip.

  8. Hi Davine friday was great catching up we laugh and cry about the good times and bad but both of us being only children will always be there for each other. Have a wonderful trip to Cairns looking forward to more catching up when you come back luv always your friend Janine enjoy Cairns

  9. Thank you girls for such wonderul words and advice. I hope you all are aware of the positive effect tehy have on me.


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