Monday, March 1, 2010

Team Canada vs Team USA

Oh what a great game the ice hockey final was. When USA got the drawn goal with 24 seconds to go I couldn't believe it. It was my ideal final with USA and Canada being by far my favorite teams but I do have a soft spot for Canada. I did feel sorry for the USA players they all looked so sad. But someone has to come second. Oh I wish I could sit in the crowd and watch another high level ice hockey game.

"Davine Time" - Wonderful hour and a half of meditation study and practical.


  1. Ohh! Your profile on "about" sounds a lot like me, except for the crafty part!!!!!

    Lindsey Petersen

  2. Hello Davine, thanks for your birthday wishes. It was on Saturday, the big 50! Oh Heck!

    The Candians certainly did celebrate didn't they.

    You take care! Big Hug!

  3. You know, I did not watch one little bit of the Winter Olymics. I simply turn the tv off at 8pm. Does not interest me at all. I read or I blog ...

  4. AWESOME photo Davine! I LOVE it... naturally being a Canadian hockey loving sort of a gal! lol

    I too would have loved to be in those stands, I sure hope to have time to take in a game before the season is over here even if my home team is doing poorly, a game is fun, excitement and sheer joy!

    Cheers Davine. I still have to post and get to bed, it's already 2am... sheesh the joys of being a student! lol


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