Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Weekend

This has been a good weekend, I have had more good hours than not. I am feeling a bit more settled in my life, but I still expect some crazy days. The decluttering journey in my office is getting there slowly but surely. I am finding all sorts of stuff; at least I have paid all the bills I have come across. I have also been back on the horse with my creativity – I have made six bracelets. Two of them are orders for a girlfriends (Jenni) shop “Homing Instincts” in Warrandyte. Creating something – anything really inspires me and basically makes me happy. I am also considering upgrading my car to a Toyota RAV4, so Shane and I went to check some out today. The car salesman was really trying his hardest to sell me a car today – can’t blame him it is his job. But I let him know pretty quickly I wasn’t ready to buy just yet – goodness me this is the first time I have even looked. Hope everyone else out there has had a great weekend too.

“Davine Time” update: Having brunch with Shane at “CafĂ© Strada” –
which is where my beautiful daughter works when not at Uni.


  1. Bracelets look lovely, and so different which is great.

    Can't go wrong with a toyota, i need a new car too but i hate looking so bad, car salemans are shockers when they give you the hard sales pitch, not a job I'd enjopy what bit.

    Good luck with the search

  2. your bracelets are beautiful, I was looking for a car as well, I had a rav4 and liked it but sure like my Mercury Mariner Premier better. check it out, you may too.

  3. Great bracelets. Congrats on the progress in your office, it really takes alot of brain power to clean out. It's why I avoid it cuz I can't hardly handle thinking right now. It always leads me back in a spiral to where I don't want to be. I know you know. (((hugs))) until next time

  4. Woo Hoo! I am So Glad you are back making jewellery, Davine. Absolutely Stunning Creations! Happy Car Shopping, too.

  5. Wonderful bracelets Davine! They are really lovely. Good to see you enjoying this once again.
    Good luck with finding a car. Love the Rav4's, but I settled for a Corolla in the end.
    I've had it quite awhile but been pleased with it.

  6. Good for you Davine, getting back to the things which make your heart dance!

    You will know which car is for you when you spot it and take it out for a drive, go with your gut feeling and you won't go wrong!

    Have a great week and happy early birthday! Any special plans for your day?


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