Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogs, Blogs and more Blogs

I have been sitting here just tapping the Next Blog button on the blogger screen. My goodness there are so many blogs out there and on so many subjects.
Some I can't read the language.
Some I just love and I know I want to follow.
Some that I really don't understand why anyone would want to write about that stuff.
Some that are just photographs that I really like.
Some that are really rude to their readers.
Some that want to share their loves with the world.
Some that tell the world what they should be doing and believing.
Some that should be rated XXX.
Some that give you the facts about certain things.
Some that write way to may words.
Some that share their travel tales.
Some that share just that little bit to much personal stuff.
Some that give tutorials on any subject you can imagine.
Some that are trying to sell you something.
Some that give reviews on various things.

I love to follow some blogs but sometimes life gets in the way and before you know it you have weeks to catch up on a person blog. Please know that I do read your blogs but sometimes (well most of the time) just don't get around to make a comment. I apologize because being a blogger I know how exciting it is when you get a comment.

But then these are really my own opinions.

Even though some of these blogs are totally not to my taste it is good to have so much variety in our lives.

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  1. Davine I've blog browsed in the past as well and my goodness, some of the stuff out there. The blogs that read like a book I have no time for, nor do I care to make the time for. I love short and sweet, you have my attention for about one minute, if my attention isn't stimulated I move on. It's different if I know someone or have been following them for a long period of time and feel that I know them, then I'll make the time to read... I already spend too much time on my computer and almost gave up blogging this year, but I came to realize that when I blog that this is my time, I need to keep a small part of my day for myself cause I'm important too, as are you my friend!



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