Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Now Time for Research

It is now time for me to research my new "DavineRaeDesign" blog, to start featuring, sharing and selling my jewellery. I am OK with setting up my blogger blog but for my concerns I have decided to put my questions out to the masses. If anyone knows of any good blogs that sell whatever I would love the address and I will check them out. For payments I would really like to use PayPal as I have used it many times for my own purchases and sales on ebay and am happy with it. Once again does anyone out there have any information that can help me set that up. Actually I will accept any information anyone can give me. It's a good feeling actually working on one of my New Years Resolutions even before 2010 starts. I have decided 2010 is going to be a great year in all areas of my life (nothing like a bit of positive thinking), so all I can say is "Bring It On".


  1. Hi Davine! The best online shop I know for handmade goods is Etsy dot com. Have a good luck!


  2. That's a really good question. I know of some folks who have been clever and combined 4 venues, A selling blog, facebook, Etsy and Ebay. My bestest buddy who has that combo and I know you could ask her anything is unfortunately dead in the water at this moment with a computer virus. Email me at turtle8603 at comcast dot net and I will give you a list of artist friends and I am sure one of them would be willing to assist you.
    Good for you for going for it. Maybe someday when I get all my stuff in one pile I will as well.

  3. Oh gosh, let me look thru my links, I recall several folks who have very good selling blogs...remember that one thing you want to keep in mind is that a lot of customers will NOT know how to go about buying from you so you might have to have a QandA post about how it's done, in detail...they don't know much about PayPal and such...sometimes I have seen selling blogs where it's impossible to find the EMAIL addy so they can order...okay, be back later after searching thru friends' shoppes for good bloggies...

  4. Here I am back again like a bad penny. This link will give you some good ideas, I hope. Sweet gal. http://wickedsoaps.blogspot.com/2009/12/year-end-salewhat-wicked-holiday-season.html

    And from the sound of it very successful for a very newbie seller. Give her a try...

  5. Good for you Davine, I can feel the positive energies from here! I am super excited and can't wait to see what you come up with for marketing online. I personally think that EBay might be a good place to sell your jewelery. I've only ever browsed there but it's a fun place to browse! The only thing I have ordered online has been my textbooks and my camera so I'm not much help at all, sorry.

    All the best to you and your new venture, you will do very well with your positive attitude! You go girl! :-)

  6. Okay back for a third time. You might also want to look at: http://brenda-magicgarden.blogspot.com/ I like the way she has all of her things set up. I am so happy for you and your decision. I will now not bother again. Promise. Until next time. Honest. LOL


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