Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas - Day 20

This morning I had brunch with some very dear girlfriends - it is so good to have a laugh early on a Sunday morning. Alice gave Shane and I a great little Chrissy gift. When you are an AFL football supporter in Melbourne it doesn't matter whether it is "Footy Season" or not it is still good to get something with your teams logo on it. Shane got 3 Chrissy Baubles for "Carlton Blues" and I got 3 St Kilda Saints Baubles". They look very pretty on my tree.

Just an update for my blog friends on my dear old dad - his poor old body is getting weaker each day. He is still at home with me and is relying on me for his care more and more each day. We have had a few talks about what is happening in our lives and he has been able to help me understand the end of our life process as best he can. It is very sad to see him so weak but I know he is ready to join my Mum.


  1. My Dad is like that, too. Although he is in a nursing home which is just down the street from this new place that I am renting. His body is frail but his mind is more frail. He recognises me when I walk in but I suspect has no memory of me when I am not there. He has been ready to go for quite some time now.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this about your dad. If it is his time, so be it, and there is nothing to do but love him and help him as best you can, as bitter a pill as that is to swallow, but if it is not his time, I hope he will strengthen.

  3. You are an amazing lady Davine. I am sorry to hear about your father yet from the sounds of it he is readying himself to join your mum. I wish you all the strength and courage for what lies ahead of you. If you want to chat at all away from blogger here's my email addy.
    Please feel free to use it anytime you'd like an ear or someone to chat with.

    Take care Davine and by the way... cute Christmas balls! There is never a season goes by without at least one (generally way more) Oilers hockey team gifts floating around!

  4. Thank you so much for your very kind words girls. I really really appreciate them.

  5. You are most certainly welcome Davine!

  6. That's something I haven't seen on baubles before.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs


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