Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winding down 2009

It's about this time of year I start to think about what I have accomplished in the last 12 months. Checking with myself which projects, events, situations I have been satisfied with and not so much with others. Every year during this week I have a real feeling of trying to tie up as many loose ends as I can so I can start the upcoming year with a relative clean slate. As I have gotten older I have realized I enjoy preparing for endings of things and beginnings as well. If I was to name one thing I have done this year and have been proud of it, it would be that I have started my jewellery business. But the challenge in 2010 is to now prepare and treat it like an actual business and not a hobby. That is the scary bit!!! In recent weeks I have made quite a few sales and am now getting asked for business cards and whether I have a website. Mmmmm none of the above just yet!!! So the challenge for me is to yes design and print some business cards - I am not to fazed about these, I can do this. But a WEBSITE - oh my dear what do I do - do it myself? Pay someone else to do it - Mmmm I have a problem with spending money on something I MAY be able to do. But the question is when will I get around to not only researching but actually doing it!! Every time I start to think about it - it makes my brain hurt!! But I am going to do it - I am not going to let the procrastinator in me take over.

Now to finish on a more positive note, I would love to hear from you with one

thing you are proud you have accomplished during 2009??


  1. Davine: Firstly thanks for following my insanity, you're a brave soul. This is quite a thought provoking post. I think that my ability to adapt is what I am the most proud of this year. When 2009 started, I had no idea in Hades that I would get what I wished for and that was that my babies would be coming home again. I also did not have any thoughts as to how we would fit two households into a modest size one house. And we have done so, with very little blood or tears, Sweat however, in abundance. Adaptability for me is a new venture. Usually it is my way or the highway, so I done good.

  2. Davine, don't forget you can do what a LOT of people do, and that is to have a SELLING BLOG, just like this one, put a link to your selling blog here and vice-versa, it's free, and it's easy to learn how to put a PayPal shopping cart on it, it's free too (of course they take their cut of any sales, lol)...your jewelry is so lovely and I think it will be wonderful to try to get it to a wider audience...I use Etsy to bring it to a wider audience and that's where a gallery and a gift shop found me thru, and gave me two nice-sized earring orders...

  3. Indeed, a thought-provoking post for this very wet Monday morning.

    What have I achieved during 2009? I have not gone to pieces in the face of adversity is my biggest achievement. I continue not to lose my temper when all round are losing theirs. I have persevered with my feeling that tough love is not love at all. I have retired and moved twice.

    I am looking forward to 2010 very much indeed. You will understand why if you look at my Plumbing blog. I am improving my photography and now want to work on my writing skills. I am checking our a GradDip in History Research - just to keep me off the streets.

    I am looking forward to 2010. Just have to work on my health a bit more.

    Health and happiness to you and yours, Davine, as we track into 2010.

  4. You sure have spunk and drive Davine and kick that procrastinator right out of your life! I too can get distracted in the name of procrastination and this must stop in my world, something to work on in 2010. I do get everything accomplished, I tell myself that I write better under pressure when it comes to essays, which I am actually starting to believe!

    Indeed a very thought provoking blog Davine... now to limit myself to which one thing I have accomplished when there have been numerous things I have accomplished... I would have to say that my sobriety is still in tact and I am thriving. It is four years today which I have abstained from alcohol and without my sobriety and the hard work I have done internally I sure wouldn't be able to accomplish all that I have! The education sure is way up there at the top of my accomplishments as well! And I will stop there or you will have a book to read! lol

    Cheers Davine! Thank you for the reminder to recognize my accomplishments over this past year!


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